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Proudly representing Geotek (UK) – multi-sensor geochemical & geophysical analysis equipment.

Featured Product


Olympus VMR pXRF


Barrington Magnetic Susceptibility


3D Laser Profiler


GeoScan Camera


ASD Lab Spec / Terra Spec


Robot Arm


Light Box

pXRF Chemistry

Olympus Vanta pXRF analysing 37+ elements from Mg to U, + REE

Magnetic Susceptibility

Point measurement with Barrington MS2E

RGB Profiles

True colour capture with GeoScan V line-scan imagery

Spectral Minerology

VIS/NIR with ASD TerraSpec @ 350-2500nm

Intelligent Sampling

Advanced Machine Learning enabled adaptive sampling routines

UHD Linescan Core Photos

Ultra high resolution photography, with visible and/or UV light box.

Structural Logging

3D Laser Profiler + UHD Imagery informed structural measurements

Core Boxes / Chips

Able to accommodate all core tray sizes + rock chips, soils & pulps

Multi-sensor scanning platform


Rugged and easily field deployable


Integrates with Olympus Vanta pXRF & Malvern Panalytical ASD


Works with drill core, chips, soils or pulps

One Technician, Double the Productivity

BoxScan solves the resource-demanding practicalities of acquiring laborious handheld geochemical and geotechnical datasets. Boxscan delivers highly consistent, non-subjective, automated depth registered imagery, geochemistry, mineralogy, and structural parameters from one mobile core scanning system. 

Benefiting from Geotek’s 25 years of offshore and onshore site experience BoxScan is designed with rugged plug-and-play sensor technology, water and dust resistant electronics housings, simple interchangeable spares kits, and hard-wearing surfaces for heavy use work areas.

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