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Phoenix Mining Technologies, a specialised Australian enterprise with a global reach, catering to the Mining Equipment, Technology & Services (METS) domain. With a strong focus on business development, sales channels, marketing strategies, and cutting-edge research and product development, the company pioneers innovative technologies for the resources and geosciences industries.

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Phoenix Mining Technologies is the global representative and Australasian distributor for Geotek and Spectral Industries in the hard rock resources vertical. The company is also a distributor for Evident (formerly Olympus) and serves as an agent for Sensore.

Photographic scan

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.

Hyperspectral scan

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.

Artificial intelligence

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.

Core scanning

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.

Laser profiling

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.

Photographic scan

Ultra-high-resolution photography resulting in virtual microscopic imagery.


Helping METS companies grow their global footprint

Facilitating the expansion of METS (Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services) companies on an international scale by providing strategic support and solutions to enhance their presence, market reach, and impact in diverse global markets. This involves leveraging our expertise to navigate complexities, identify growth opportunities, and implement effective strategies that propel METS companies towards sustainable and successful global expansion.

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How Phoenix Mining Technologies revolutionizes geological data analysis

Phoenix Mining Technologies though its partners, spearheads a groundbreaking transformation in the realm of geological data analysis. Our innovative approach revolutionises the way geological data is processed, interpreted, and utilised. By employing cutting-edge technologies and advanced methodologies, we redefine the standards for precision and efficiency in mining exploration.

Our commitment lies in delivering unparalleled insights, streamlining workflows, and unlocking new dimensions of geological understanding. Through a fusion of expertise and state-of-the-art tools, Phoenix Mining Technologies sets a new benchmark for the industry, ushering in a era where geological data analysis is not just a process but a dynamic catalyst for informed decision-making and resource optimisation.

pXRF chemistry

Olympus Vanta pXRF analyzing 37+ elements from Mg to U, + REE

Magnetic susceptibility

Point measurement with Barrington MS2E

Intelligent sampling

Advanced machine learning enabled adaptive sampling routines

UHD linescan core photos

Ultra high-resolution photography, with visible and/or UV light box.

RGB profiles

True color capture with GeoScan V line-scan imagery

Spectral mineralogy

VIS/NIR with ASD TerraSpec @ 350-2500nm

Structural logging

3D laser profiler + UHD imagery informed structural measurements

Core boxes / chips

Able to accommodate all core tray sizes + rock chips, soils & pulps


One technician, double the productivity

BoxScan solves the resource-demanding practicalities of acquiring laborious handheld geochemical and geotechnical datasets. Boxscan delivers highly consistent, non-subjective, automated depth registered imagery, geochemistry, mineralogy, and structural parameters from one mobile core scanning system.

Benefiting from Geotek’s 25 years of offshore and onshore site experience BoxScan is designed with rugged plug-and-play sensor technology, water and dust resistant electronics housings, simple interchangeable spares kits, and hard-wearing surfaces for heavy use work areas.


Partner companies

Geotek (UK), multi-sensor geochemical & geophysical analysis equipment. Spectral Industries, turn-key LIBS solutions for minerals analysis. Evident – portable X-Ray fluorescence analysers.

Geotek Limited (UK)

Specialises in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores. We have supplied our range of Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems GEOTEK (UK) For over 20 years, using a suite of geophysical and geochemical sensors primarily aimed a

SPECTRAL Industries

SPECTRAL Industries is a high-tech company that develops unique optical sensor systems for non-contact chemical analysis. We apply our very robust and sensitive instrument platform for demanding industrial applications. Applications range from mining to recycling and material processing.


Evident supplies advanced solutions that help make the world safer and healthier. Committed to developing new technologies and delivering world-class customer service, our responsibility goes beyond manufacturing products—we are pioneers.


SensOre aims to become the top performing minerals targeting company in the world through an approach to exploration that combines AI technology, big data and vast geoscientific expertise. Generating and validating AI-targets is central to our business, leveraging opportunities through SensOre’s three divisions.


Projects and company updates

Stay informed on our latest projects and company updates – a snapshot of our ongoing initiatives, milestones, and key developments.