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Oriented Targeting Solutions enables Real time structural modelling with quality structural data. 

Oriented Targeting Solutions

Our mission is to extract the maximum value from modern oriented core drilling hardware and software. Whether you’re an exploration manager or solving geotechnical challenges, Oriented Targeting Solutions (OTS) brings innovation to your project and implements the best-practices workflow from structural data capture through analysis to modelling. 

Our methods are the industry cutting-edge, and the results have generated breakthroughs in structural understanding for every client we’ve worked with.

Ziltek develops innovative products for the global remediation market. 


All of Ziltek’s technologies are independent to enable customers to use products with confidence.

Using Ziltek’s products, you can quickly measure your contamination levels with confidence on-site, and then remediate your contaminated soil using practical, proven products.

Launched in 2018, Emesent – is a drone autonomy and data analytics spin-out from CSIRO’s Data61. Emesent raised $4.5 million in venture capital just for it’s first product, Hovermap.


With multiple applications across several industries, Hovermap and our other solutions are being used commercially for a variety of applications by enterprise customers in Australia, US, Canada, China and Japan.

MyContracts enables seemless contract & document management. Manage risk, compliance & workflow in one easy-to-use platform. 


Designed with easy and natural workflows in mind. We worked with our clients to design a seamless operation that requires minimal navigation.

Accessible by all users in an organisation, or by select users or clients at your choice. Instant integration with Outlook and third-party platforms.

CoreSafe Core Trays were created by Prospectors Supplies Pty Ltd, which services the complete professional outdoor market including the resource sector. 


After several years of research, development & design in consultation with industry leaders, the award winning CoreSafe® Core Trays were designed to improve productivity and safety at every stage of the core sampling process, from initial drill, through your core shed and on to storage. They reduce all the little injuries and hassles that come with traditional core trays, drive down drill costs and increase sample quality and assay speed by improving how your employees and contractors handle and transport core.

IMDEX develops cloud-connected devices and drilling optimisation products to improve the process of identifying and extracting mineral resources for drilling contractors and resource companies globally.

IMDEX Limited (Reflex)

The IMDEX In-Field Geoanalysis solution is a complete end-to-end solution from sample collection and preparation to data interpretation. This rapid mobile sample preparation system, with its optimised workflow, consistently provides a quality sample for analysis that you can rely on, without having to send the sample offsite.

Spectral Industries is a high-tech company that develops unique optical sensor systems (LIBS) for non-contact chemical analysis. 

Spectral Industries

We apply our very robust and sensitive instrument platform for demanding industrial applications.

Applications range from mining to recycling and material processing. SPECTRAL realizes new products by combining academic and practical knowledge and cooperating intensively with high-tech parties around the globe. We focus on realizing unique solutions, where the combination of robustness, mobility and accuracy is of paramount importance.

Ore Research & Exploration – ORE Pty Ltd (known as OREAS) was founded in 1986 by Dr Paul Hamlyn in Melbourne, Australia. 


From humble beginnings working from a car garage and mixing rock samples in a domestic cement mixer, the OREAS brand is now recognised globally for the unrivaled confidence it brings to assay data.

We are a team of highly specialised geologists and chemists available to assist with any reference material related matter. Our customer service, meticulous preparation and ISO certification methods are the reason OREAS proudly maintains an extensive list of clients worldwide.

 Infinite Water is committed to working towards a sustainable water future from environmental, social and corporate perspectives. 

Infinite Water

We are passionate about what we do, about making a difference and changing the world – about “making every drop count” – and playing our part in providing one answer to the global water crisis.

We are an innovative water treatment company and have developed various patented technology solutions (including Hydroxon™) for water treatment with world-leading capabilities. 

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