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Geotek Limited (UK) – specialises in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores. We have supplied our range of Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems

Geotek (UK)

For over 20 years, using a suite of geophysical and geochemical sensors primarily aimed at non-destructive core analysis. Geotek provides equipment sales and services to science and industry worldwide. A team of talented individuals at Geotek designs and builds instruments whilst offering core analysis services with an unmatched level of expertise and experience.

BoxScan solves, the often resource-draining, practicalities of acquiring laborious handheld logging measurements using pXRF, cameras, or fracture orientations by delivering automated and simultaneous acquisition of geotechnical and geochemical parameters from one easy to use core box scanning system.

Olympus Corporation is an international company operating in industrial, medical and consumer markets, specializing in optics, electronics and precision engineering.


Olympus has an industry-leading portfolio of innovative test, measurement, and imaging instruments. Leading edge testing technologies include remote visual inspection (RVI), microscopy (IE), ultrasound (UT), phased array (PA), eddy current (EC), eddy current array (ECA), X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and optical metrology.

Olympus X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Analyzers provide qualitative and quantitative material characterization for analysis, quality control, process control, regulatory compliance and screening, for mining and geology, environmental and education and research.

Portable PPB is completing research and development of the Patented detectORE(TM) process that has the potential to revolutionise the way gold explorers go about their business.

Portable PPB

Initial research conducted by the CSIRO in Australia has delivered promising results with gold assays reported down to sub 10 ppb level using conventional portable XRF. Portable ppb Pty Ltd has gained an exclusive global licence to complete the research and to commercialise the technology.

AtOne is a patented, wellness technology for employees that provides an immersive experience to target stress, promote relaxation and improve performance. 


Brainwave EEG and heart rate variation reports indicate changes in stress levels and focus for the user.

Several senses are stimulated with the virtual reality environment to relax the body and minute within minutes of entering the program. Visualisations focus on various areas of health and performance to promote positive thoughts and emotions. 

AtOne is portable to benefit the mental and emotional state of all your employees in any location.

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